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School Pictures | Dates Announced | Angie Clayson Photography

It only happens once a year! School Pictures with Angie Clayson Photography!

School pictures through the school, they're okay. You hope your kid doesn't have recess hair or leftover lunch on his face. You hope that rebellious 7-yr-old daughter didn't take out the cute braids you spent all morning putting in her hair. Honestly, it's a like rolling the dice on if you'll get a picture of your kid looking presentable!

I love doing school pictures because you know I'll fix that out of place hair, or flip down that crazy collar. These are pictures you will actually hang on the wall or put on a shelf. These are pictures you will be proud of.

What a great way to remember each school year. Have you snagged your school pictures spot yet?

Call or text: 801.735.5758


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