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Utah Senior Photographer | Meet Maddie

Let's talk hair and makeup. I offer all of my ladies the option of a hair and makeup artist for their portrait session. Why you ask? Hello, WHY NOT? One, pure confidence. When you are all done up, you feel more confident and at your session, you are more relaxed, feeling good and ready to rock it! Next, my HMUA is a pro. She knows how to contour your face to accentuate the best features and minimize your problem areas. They use makeup that works best for photographing. Trust me... my HMUA knows what she's doing! I highly recommend using the option. If you don't follow my HMUA, go follow her. You'll find her on social media, Salon De La Paz. She is ahhhmazing!

Enjoy these beautiful photos of Miss Maddie, Spanish Fork High School, Class of 2019!

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